Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  1. Physical Facilities
    • Teaching-Learning equipments in classrooms.
    • The Institution has 09 functional classrooms. The mode of teaching is both semi-conventional marker board and lecture along with digital mode.

      • Digital classrooms and ICT enabled classrooms.
        • 03 classrooms are equipped with digital interactive boards, computers, digital audio video system, LCD projectors with ICT facility and online 3, 5 & 6KVA UPS's.
        • The institution has also two more mobile LCD projectors which are used in classrooms as per the need for conducting classes, seminars and conferences.
        • The institution is equipped with jio wi-fi system accessible to every student & faculty for internet facility.

      • Infrastructure of Laboratories.
        • The institution has well equipped 08 laboratories for conducting the practical's as per the prescribed syllabus of affiliated university.
        • All the 09 laboratories are equipped with basic infrastructure required to conduct the practical work of U.G courses in medical, non-medical, social science, psychology, geography, computer application and BCA.
        • The summary of the major equipments available in the laboratories is as under:

      • The summary of the major equipments available in the laboratories is as under:

      • S. No. Name of the Laboratory/Department Name of Equipment/Description Quantity In No.
        1 Botany
        • Trinocular, Binocular, Monocular compound microscopes.
        • Digital seed germinator.
        • Soil Water analysis kit.
        • Double and single distillation plants.
        01 each
        • Dissection Microscopes.
        • Autoclave.
        • Digital pH meters.
        • Digital Hot Air Oven.
        • Digital Balance.
        2 Zoology
        • B.O.D Incubator(28 ltrs)
        • Centrifuge.
        • Digital Hot Air Oven.
        • Incubator (small).
        • Digital Balance.
        • Fish Aquarium.
        • LCD Projector (Sony).
        • Monocular, Binocular and Trinocular Compound Microscopes.
        • Entomological collection kit.
        • Respirometer.
        • Haemoglobinometer and haemocytometer.
        03 each
        3 Chemistry
        • Refrectometer.
        • Conductivity Meter.
        • Potentiometer.
        • Digital weighing balance.
        • Melting Point Apparatus.
        • Spectophotometer.
        • Digital p.H meter.
        • Digital Oven.
        • Incubator.
        • Ultracentrifuge.
        • Centrifuge Machine.
        • Double Distillation Plant.
        • Digital Water Bath.
        • Calorimeter.
        • Refrigerator.
        • Polarimeter.
        4 Physics
        • Viscosity Measurement Setup.
        • e/m Measurement.
        • Newtons rings setup.
        • Resistivity and Band gap measurement setup.
        • Semiconductor Energy Band gap measurement setup.
        • Sonometer.
        • Fresnel’s Biprism.
        • Resolving power of telescope.
        • Plank’s constant determination.
        • Measurement of wavelength of laser.
        • Study of audio frequency oscillator.
        • Logic gates.
        5 Computer Application
        • Podium with PCI/ Inbuilt Mic System.
        • A/C.
        • Interactive smart touchscreen.
        • U.P.S.
        6 BCA
        • All in One Computers.
        • PC's (i3).
        • PC's (Core2 duo).
        • PC's (Pentium IV).
        • AC.
        • U.P.S.
        • Interactive Board.
        • LCD Projector.
        • Printers and scanners.
        • Laptops.
        7 Geography
        • Astronomical Telescope.
        • Binocular Telescope.
        • GPS.
        • LCD Projector.
        • Dumpy Level.
        • Mineral Models.
        • Surveying Tables set.
        8 Psychology
        • Depth Perception.
        • Bhatia Battery.
        • Memory Drum.
        • Normal Probability curve.
        • Trachistrocope.
        • Standard Binnel Intelligence test.
        • Wechesler Adult Intelligence Test.
        • Muller Lyer Illusion.
        • Mirror Drawing Apparatus.
        • Human Maze Apparatus.

      • In addition, all the labs are enriched with the basic infrastructure regarding charts, models, and other miscellaneous items required for conducting of practicals as per the prescribed syllabus.

    • Computing equipment:
      • The institution has 60 numbers of computers with Windows 10 operating system, 03 number ICT Laboratories. Different departments are also provided with all in One Computers.

    • Sports Infrastructure:

      Our college lays considerable emphasis on students participation in various games and field activities. For this the spacious grounds of the college are laid out into play fields for cricket, volleyball, lawn tennis and badminton, lawn for kho-kho and for playing these games and sports, the sports department of the college has maintained an ample stock of equipments / items required for the said games and sports. The details of which are given below:

    • S.No. Item Quantity In No.
      1 Cosco balls. 6
      2 Cap. 16
      3 Hats. 1
      4 Ring. 4
      5 Shoe. 25
      6 Uniforms volleyball. 16
      7 Badminton net. 2
      8 Wrist band. 2
      9 Whistle. 2
      10 Arm sleeves. 1
      11 Shuttlecock. 1
      12 Tug of war rope. 6
      13 Volleyball net. 1
      14 Cricket helmet. 1
      15 Badminton racket. 2
      16 Measuring tape. 16
      17 Kho Kho pole. 1
      18 Cycle pump. 1
      19 Keeping gloves. 5
      20 Hockey post. 2
      21 Hockey ball. 10
      22 Basketball post. 1
      23 Hockey sticks. 24
      24 Thigh pads. 3
      25 Basketball. 5
      26 Volleyball posts. 1
      27 Wooden bails. 6
      28 Racing cycle. 6
      29 Skipping rope. 24
      30 Arm pads. 5
      31 Cricket helmet. 6
      32 Batting gloves. 10
      33 Chess board. 10
      34 Carrom board. 10
      35 Throwball. 2
      36 Handball. 2
      37 Cricket uniform. 12
      38 Cricket stumps. 6
      39 Cricket bats. 4

    • Infrastructure for cultural activities:

      Cultural activities are part and parcel of education. These activities facilitate the development of mind and personality and inculcate the spirit of leadership and discipline among the students. In this context our college organizes different cultural programs and debates throughout the academic year. The details of the infrastructure / equipments used for these events are as under:

      • One big hall with the seating capacity of 100.
      • Audio system.
      • LCD mobile projector.
      • Harmonium.
      • Microphone System.
      • One sofa.
      • One mobile iron stage.

    • Classrooms and seminar halls with ICT - enabled facilities such as smart class,LMS, etc:

    • Room number or Name of classrooms/Seminar Hall with LCD / wifi/LAN facilities with room numbers Type of ICT facility
      BCA Lab Room 18 Projector,Interactive Board,Podium, Jio Wifi
      BCA Lab Room 19 Smart Screen ,Interactive Board,Podium, Jio Wifi
      Room NO 04 Projector ,Interactive Board,Podium, Jio Wifi
      Goegraph lab Room 16 Projector, Jio Wifi
      Zoology Lab Room 13 Projector, Jio Wifi

  2. IT Infrastructure

    The college IT infrastructure was upgraded when special financial assistance was accorded to the college in 2013. The interactive board, LCD Projector, Printers, high configuration PCs were installed in the college. In 2016 a smart classroom equipped with interactive board, LCD projector, Digital Podium with inbuilt system, microphone system and speakers were installed. The BCA department was equipped with 40 all-in-one PCs, smart interactive screen board, and digital podium with inbuilt microphone system in 2017, when state govt. granted Rs. 27 lakhs for its upgradation. The whole college has been made wi-fi enabled after JIO telecommunication installed wi-fi facility in the college in 2017. Prior to this the college was availing the internet facility from BSNL department. College also has Internet facility provided by the University of Kashmir for Admission and examination related IT services.

  3. Campus Infrastructure
    • Expenditure incurred on maintenance of physical facilities and academic support facilities excluding salary component year-wise during the last five years (INR in Lakhs)

      Year Expenditure on maintenace of academic facilities Expenditure on maintenance of physical facilities
      2013-14 3 4.97
      2014-15 2.04 6.605
      2015-16 2.19 2.92
      2016-17 3.175 4.59
      2017-18 8.49 2.373

    • Institutional mechanisms for maintenance and up gradation of the physical infrastructure, academic and sport facilities, and equipments are as under:
      • Maintenance of Building Infrastructure:
        • Being the fully government institution, a constant effort is made to provide safe and secure space for equipments and tools. There is a college development and construction committee to look after the maintenance, repair and constructional work related to the building. Construction, repair and maintenance of the main building and physical infrastructure like water facility, power supply and maintenance of campus is looked after by this committee. All work is done through E-tender system by the government agencies as per norms.
        • The maintenance and up gradation work related to construction and electricity, government agencies like R&B Division, JKPCC (Jammu & Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation), SICOP (small scale industries development corporation limited), JKPHB (J&K Police Housing Board) , PDD e.t.c supervise the work done by the contractors.
        • The minor faults related to the electricity and repairing of building are attended and repaired by the college electrician, hired technician, carpenters etc.
        • The college has an essential hotline power supply and one small power generator for providing uninterrupted electricity.
        • For the maintenance of toilets and service areas two number local fund college sweepers have been engaged for cleaning the toilets , washrooms, and buildings.
      • Maintenance of Laboratory Equipments and machines:
        • Every department maintains stock registers for keeping the list of chemicals, glassware, equipments and other instruments used in laboratory.
        • Maintains consumption register regularly to keep account of the used material and non-functional glassware, miscellaneous items etc.
        • Physical verification of laboratory equipments and machines is carried out to record the functional and non functional equipments from time to time.
        • The minor faults of laboratory equipments (if any) are attended and repaired by the concerned department staff or hired technician whenever necessary.
      • Maintenance of Computer and IT infrastructure:
        • Maintain stock register and dead stock register regularly to keep record of the functional and nonfunctional items.
        • Maintenance and up gradation is looked after at departmental level (Computer Application and BCA) and concerned technicians are hired whenever necessary.
      • Maintenance of Furniture related items:
        • There is a college development and construction committee which looks after the maintenance and minor repair work of the furniture and fixtures and other physical infrastructure. The committee brings the requirements regarding minor repair work into the notice of the worthy principal and certifies after the work is completed. The funds for the same are utilized out of local fund.
      • Maintenance of Library/ Library Materials:
        • Accession and withdrawal/ dead stock registers are regularly maintained to keep the record of updated and dead stock accessions.
        • The college has also engaged one orderly for dusting and cleaning the library materials.
      • Maintenance of Sports Equipments:
        • The sports department regularly maintains the stock register for the equipments and materials related to the sports.
        • The dead stock register is also maintained to keep record of functional/ working and non-functional items.